December Full Moon Sedna Gong & Tuning Fork Immersion

Wed, December 11,  6pm-7:15pm

Enjoy a transformative yet relaxing experience of the sound currents produced by the Sedna Planetary Gong and Tuning Forks. The vibrations and frequency of Sedna are deeply grounding and nurturing. While the Gong is being rhythmically played the Sedna Low and Mid-Range Tuning Forks will be applied to each participant. This set of Tuning Forks creates an octave which accesses the deepest yin, facilitating the Heavenly and Earthly Energies combining in the Heart Center.
Sedna is a superconductor of Electromagnetic Energy allowing us access to our subconscious and conscious minds. Her fundamental note is C which is also the fundamental frequency of the Heart. This combination gives us the opportunity to experience Heart and Mind coherence, resulting in a state of equilibrium mentally, emotionally and physically.
This is a profound yet simple way to regain our perspective as well as to relieve accumulated pain and stress. So join us and let go so you can regain your rhythm and rejuvenate!