what is PILATES?

Pilates [puh-LA-teez] is a unique system of exercises designed to utilize the body efficiently to attain a higher level of overall wellness. The aim is greater flexibility, lengthening, strengthening, and postural body balance. Particular emphasis is placed on the "Core" (abdominals, back muscles, buttocks, and inner thighs). Pilates is a full-body conditioning program that can be adapted to any age or fitness level. It is gentle enough for rehabilitation, yet challenging enough for the strongest of athletes. You can do Pilates on the Equipment-Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Barrels. Or Pilates on the Mat with small Apparatus- mat, Magic Circle, Spine Corrector, Theraband, Foam Roller, Balls and hand weights.  


Joseph H. Pilates born in Germany in 1880, as the result of a frail childhood, developed a lifelong interest in body conditioning. In 1912, he left Germany for England and trained as a boxer. During World War I, he was interned in England and sent to work as a nurse. He designed exercise apparatus for immobilized patients. He later immigrated to the United States, where he formalized his fitness regime with his wife Clara, they developed specialized exercise apparatus, and opened the first Pilates Studio in 1926. Joseph Pilates died in 1967. 

The body

Pilates is wonderful for toning and strengthening all of the muscles groups in your body. If you are trying to lose weight, you could try Pilates exercises using different Pilates machine which add the cardio and fitness element to your Pilates poses and will help you to burn additional calories.

the breath & the back

With Pilates, the breath is used more as a technique of providing the muscles with the energy they need to exercise effectively. Concentrating on the breathing technique throughout Pilates will help you to manage the quantity of oxygen coming into the body and traveling to the muscles to help them become more relaxed. For individuals with back pain, Pilates poses can give glorious results for stronger and more supportive back muscles.