July 18th
August 15th
September 19th
6pm - 7pm

Sound Healing is similar to a guided meditation with the exception that participants lay down and are not required “to do” anything; simply relax and receive the music. It provides an excellent therapy for stress related issues, depression, fatigue, anger, and hostility, feelings of fear, separation and loneliness, along with many other conditions related to the lack of balance and harmony in the body. The resonating sounds of the sacred instruments induce theta brain waves which promote a spontaneous state of meditation and relaxation. Listeners often experience a sense of connectedness and peace as the sacred sound of the gong and brass singing bowls offers listeners access to parts of the mind that are usually closed, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and higher consciousness. Sound Healing is often used to rebalance, tone and bring harmony to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.
Suitable for all levels of practitioners. All blankets, mats, and bolsters are provided. If you’d rather use your own props, please bring them.
Please bring water with you and any small objects like crystals and journals that you would like to receive a clearing and balancing.
Please allow plenty of time to arrive and settle into the space. We will start promptly at the start time. No late arrivals permitted.
15 participants max. $29, $35, $38 per person.

essential oils for you

saturday, september 7, 1-2:30PM

In this workshop we’ll explore the full array of doTerra essential oils (EO) and create a roller bespoken to you. Since the beginning of time, aromatic plants have played an important role in medicine, religion, cosmetics, perfumes, courtship, and many other aspects of human life. Many ancient texts from all over the world discuss the use of aromatic herbs and the use of the aromatic constituents steeped or extracted from these herbs in oils and salves for medicinal or other purposes. While many people believe it was the smell of these aromatic plants that first attracted mankind to the use of aromatic plants for medicine, modern science is beginning to show that there is more to essential oils than just the smell. In this experience, we’ll illuminate the many categories and applications essentials oils can be used effectively and create your very special EO roller.
Suitable for all levels of practitioners.
15 participants max. $47 per person.

make your own mala

saturday, october 5, 1-2:30PM

In this workshop each participant will choose a unique set of 108 precious stones, be guided to construct their own beautiful mala and learn powerful mantras for meditation with their new prayer tool.
A mala is a simple, effective meditative tool, which can help to reduce stress and enhance wisdom, patience, and health. A mala consists of 108, 54, or 27 beads, traditionally strung together on silk thread with one larger bead, called the Guru bead, from which the tassel hangs. Meditation with a mala, moving each bead as it becomes an extension of focus and concentration to a mantra - mystical syllable or poem, words or vibrations - promotes a particular element or result. The practice of mantra with a mala can have beneficial physical, metaphysical and psychological effects. Through the process of repetition, chant, singing and using your mala you will feel the subtle power of mantra and enhance your meditation practice.
Suitable for all levels of practitioners.
20 participants max. $160 per person. 

ashtanga yoga

If you’re looking for a challenging yet orderly approach to yoga, try Ashtanga. Consisting of six series of specifically sequenced yoga poses, you’ll flow and breathe through each pose to build internal heat. The catch is that you’ll perform the same poses in the exact same order in each class. Some studios will have a teacher calling out the poses, while Mysore style classes (a subset of Ashtanga) require you to perform the series on your own. (But don’t worry — there will always be a teacher in the room to offer assistance if you need it.) Best for: Type-A folks. If you’re a perfectionist, you’ll like Ashtanga’s routine and strict guidelines.

bikram yoga

“All Bikram studios practice the same 90-minute sequence so you’ll know exactly what to do.” Prepare to sweat: Bikram consists of a specific series of 26 poses and two breathing exercises practiced in a room heated to approximately 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity. All Bikram studios practice the same 90-minute sequence so you’ll know exactly what to do once you unroll your mat. Remember, the vigorous practice combined with the heat can make the class feel strenuous. If you’re new to Bikram, take it easy: Rest when you need to and be sure to hydrate beforehand. Best for: People who gravitate toward a set routine. Those who are newer to yoga might like Bikram because of its predictable sequence.

hot yoga

Hot yoga is similar to Bikram in that it’s practiced in a heated room. But teachers aren’t constrained by the 26-pose Bikram sequence. While the heat will make you feel like you can move deeper into some poses compared to a non-heated class, it can be easy to overstretch, so don’t push beyond your capacity. Best for: Hardcore sweat lovers. If you love a tough workout that will leave you drenched, sign up for a beginner-friendly heated class.

yin yoga

If you want to calm and balance your body and mind, this is where you’ll find your zen. The opposite of a faster moving practice like Ashtanga, Yin yoga poses are held for several minutes at a time. This meditative practice is designed to target your deeper connective tissues and fascia, restoring length and elasticity. You’ll use props so your body can release into the posture instead of actively flexing or engaging the muscles. Like meditation, it may make you feel antsy at first, but stick with it for a few classes and its restorative powers might have you hooked. Best for: People who need to stretch and unwind. Keep in mind, Yin yoga is not recommended for people who are super flexible (you might overdo it in some poses) or anyone who has a connective tissue disorder, Vilella says.

restorative yoga

While it may feel like you’re not doing much in a restorative yoga class…that’s the point. The mellow, slow-moving practice with longer holds gives your body a chance tap into your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing you to experience deeper relaxation. You’ll also use a variety of props including blankets, bolsters and yoga blocks to fully support your body in each pose. Best for: Everyone. In particular, Vilella says it’s a good yoga practice for anyone who has a hard time slowing down, who has experienced insomnia or who struggles with anxiety. It’s also great for athletes on recovery days.

kundalini yoga

“Kundalini yoga is the science to unite the finite with infinity, and it’s the art to experience infinity in the finite” - Yogi Bhajan, 10/27/1988 Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to give you an experience of your soul. In Kundalini Yoga we harness the mental, physical and nervous energies of the body and put them under the domain the will, which is the instrument of the soul. This technology precisely and consciously combines breath, mudra, eye focus, mantra, body locks and postures to balance the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity, and purity the lood. It brings balance to the body, mind, and soul. When we apply the technology of Kundalini Yoga to our bodies and minds, it has the effect of uplifting the spirit. It is for everyone. It is universal and nondenominational.   Kundalini Yoga is a yoga for householders, for for people who have to cope with the daily challenges and stresses of holding jobs, raising families, and managing businesses. It is a path for everyone who wants the skills to cope successfully with the challenges of our times. The ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga gives us the awareness and the fortitude to make this a smooth transition. The legacy of technical and spiritual knowledge that Yoggi Bhajan studied and mastered in India is the gift he brought to the west. Best for: People looking for a spiritual practice. Those who are seeking something more than a workout may enjoy Kundalini due to its emphasis on the internal aspects of yoga, including breath work, meditation and spiritual energy.

forrest yoga

Forrest Yoga is renowned as an intensely physical and internally focused practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life.  The practice challenges students to access their whole being and to use Forrest Yoga as a path to finding and then cleansing the emotional and mental blocks that dictate and limit their lives.  Students cultivate an acute awareness of their own practice and life process, creating a unique and powerful opportunity for them to make practical life decisions based on their own experiences.
Forrest Yoga does not require strength or flexibility; it only requires a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. The practice is founded on four pillars -- Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit. BREATH: Forrest Yoga teaches you how to breathe deeply, connect in feeling with your body, use the power of breath to bring aliveness into every cell of your body and ignite your passion for living. STRENGTH: Forrest Yoga teaches you to connect to your core, to be strong and centered. The intense pose sequences are designed to help you develop the skills to awaken each of your senses. The long holds help you progress in the poses and go deeper. Aided by the use of heat, your body is freed from toxins; the deep breathing  oxygenates and rejuvenates every cell in your body. INTEGRITY: Forrest Yoga teaches you to become proficient at safely tailoring each pose to work best for you, particularly with physical and emotional injuries. By learning to work honestly at your edges, you develop effective tools to deal with fear and struggle. This makes it possible for integrity, self-awareness and playful curiosity to become part of your daily life.
SPIRIT: Forrest Yoga's intent is to create a sense of freedom, a connection to your Spirit and the courage to walk as your Spirit dictates.