I'm Steven and I began playing the Gong six years ago along with my yoga and meditation practice which I've practiced daily now for several decades. I played the Gong casually for a few years then I suffered several traumatic brain injuries and I began to use the Gongs to facilitate my recovery. I experienced such an unprecedented recovery from severe cognitive decline that I was encouraged by those around me to share my abilities with the Gong. This has now become my mission and life's work, to vibrate the cosmos and clear the path to recovery for everyone that participates in my performances.

So what does the Gong actually do? It brings balance mentally, emotionally and physically. It works through a process called entrainment or sympathetic vibration. This process is self-organizing and clears our body of blocked energy and toxicity, which are the root causes of our imbalances. It retrains the way our ear processes sound allowing us to regain our equilibrium and balance as well as change our habitual negative patterns and tendencies. How is this possibly? It's possible because the sound currents generated by the Gong actually turn off the sympathetic nervous system (flight or fight response) and activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and rejuvenation). This allows us to lose track of our body, the environment and time. When this occurs our innate healing abilities take over bringing us back into homeostasis or "Sound Health" as it's regularly coined.