annette petit

I have resided in Telluride since 1995. Formerly, I was the lead instructor and founder of the Golden Door Pilates Studio at the Peaks Resort in Mountain Village from 2001 to 2006. In 2006, I joined the Telluride Pilates Center, partnering with Judi LAST NAME.

My new beautiful dream studio, is located in the heart of downtown Telluride, it was designed primarily for the clients' needs for a quiet movement and workout space that brings both teacher and student into a harmonious relationship. Also, this space holds the expansive windows to see the mountains and the Valley, and most importantly I grow orchids. Orchids add to the life In Sequence. My commitment to the clientele, Pilates, and studio community and environment is at the forefront of my vision. I was certified in both DK Body Balancing and Polestar Pilates, which are the basis for my style of instruction, blending attention to detail with flowing, choreographed movement. I currently co-ordinate my time parenting, teaching, mentoring and educating teachers, and enjoying the Telluride lifestyle.

What is my North Star: To thrive physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually; not only for myself but for those in my circle. Movement, growth and harmony are important aspects of the philosophy in my life, and add to my teaching practice. It is all of our practices that graph onto our teaching styles; thus a little of what else I do. I am a student of Shamanism and Kenpo Karate.
I honor and value these two teachers: Christopher Beaver and Erik Nepsky. They are a vital component to my success so far as a parent, wife, teacher and student.
Here is a word of Wisdom from them:
Show up
Be on Time
Don't be attached to the final outcome