monica belizan

An award winning author, Monica is a Deepak Chopra Center Certified Mediation Instructor and Transformational Life Coach. She is also the founder of Satya Meditation and Mindfulness of New York. She teaches regularly in New York City and leads workshops on the mindful habits of happiness in New York and East Hampton, NY. She teaches to private and corporate clients and volunteers regularly at local domestic abuse shelters for women and children.
Monica’s spiritual journey began almost three decades ago, when she gave up a successful career in public policy analysis in international organizations in Washington DC, to pursue her lifelong quest for the real meaning of life. She travelled across the globe to study and practice with many spiritual masters including Yogananda, Muktananda, Dattatreya Siva Baba, Kato Yoshiaki, Deepak Chopra, Neil Walsch, Wayne Dyer and Jean Houston among others.
As she has now fallen in love with Telluride, she has just moved here and is sharing all these decades of experience with us. Her dream is to create a Circle of Light in Telluride. She has developed a very unique and genuine style of meditation and spiritual practices that truly help you transform your life into a richer, kinder, more inspired, grateful and abundant one. A happy life.